About Us


Exhibtr was founded to provide artists and writers a vehicle to showcase, share and discuss their work on an international stage. Feedback is vital to any artist, and central to the beliefs of Exhibtr, is that all users can expect clear and critical opinion on their work.

Exhibtr is first and foremost a social network that allows artists, photographers and writers a unique opportunity to exhibit their work to a global audience.

Our Aims

We have a clear objective. Our mission is to revolutionise the way in which all forms of art are shared online. We aim to help established artists and writers exhibit their work to an ever-growing attentive audience, and expose fresh talent to the masses.


Many artists, writers and photographers that we spoke to complained there was nowhere specifically designed to share these forms of media. Many sites offered services to each area of expertise, yet nothing offered a level of integration and sophistication that brought these specialisations together.
Exhibtr was designed to pioneer a new system of displaying posts. The new layout was constructed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, whilst improving profile functionality.
Exhibtr has been designed by creative people, for creative people.


Our Behaviour Policy clearly sets out the philosophy, culture and attitudes we embrace throughout the Exhibtr organisation. This is fundamentally a respect for Art and Literature in all its various forms.