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Exhibtr was founded to allow artists and writers worldwide to showcase, share and discuss their work on an international stage. Feedback is vital to any artist, and central to the beliefs of Exhibtr, is that all users can expect clear and critical feedback on their work. Outlined below are our guidelines for the use of the service, which will give you a better understanding of the values, standards and behavior we aim to uphold.

Guidelines for Users

Client Behavior

At Exhibtr we expect all our members to show mutual respect for each other and understand that whilst artistic merit can be highly subjective, our members should be respectful in their critiques and communications when using the site.

Exhibtr Ltd has a zero tolerance policy with regard submissions that we regard as racist, bigoted or offensively target any philosophy or religion. Offensive remarks on sexual preference or gender directed at individuals or groups that are inherently disrespectful or abusive will not be tolerated. Hate propaganda and comments that are deemed to be overly aggressive, insulting or abusive are similarly unacceptable and will be removed.

We also discourage the posting of large numbers of identical notes or comments used for promotion and advertising.

Users must only submit their own original work and creations that can be considered legitimate and legal. Any submissions that make use of work without the permission or license by its original author will be removed from the site.

Adult Content

At Exhibtr we are concerned with the safety, protection and privacy of all our users and customers. We are particularly concerned with the protection of children. Any parents who allow their children to access our services must as their legal guardians ensure that use is supervised and appropriate for the child concerned.

No nude or sexually suggestive works will be published featuring models that are, or appear to be, under the age of 18 years. This includes submissions of a non-photographic nature.

Exhibtr Ltd strictly prohibits the submission of material classified as pornographic or obscene. We reserve the right to classify all questionable material and remove from the site.

Exhibtr Ltd reserves the right to demand model release forms where appropriate.

Generally, any content, which contains subject matter that is overly offensive, distasteful or undesirable to view or read, will be removed.

Site Abuse

We will not tolerate those who wish to damage and disrupt the layout, navigability and general use of the site.

Appeals and Enquiries

Although we reserve the right to remove any material from the site at any time, any questions relating to removals or violation notices should be sent by email to